I think I don’t like you

How I met my Dreamboy.

Wie versprochen die Geschichte die ich gestern im Vorbereitungskurs geschrieben habe... ^^ (Zu nem Bild mit drei Fussballspielern von Chelsea drauf.)

Yesterday I went to a Party with my best friends Alin and Steffi.
The Party was at the house of a boy who we know from school.
It was a great and funny evening.
I was sitting on the couch, talking to one of my friends, when a boy entered the room.
He was tall, with dark hair and a fantastic smile. He looked around in the room and our eyes met.
Two seconds later he sat next to me on the couch.
"Hi, how are you?" he asked.
I was totally shocked about the fact that he really talked to me.
I answered him shyly: "I`m fine and you?"
"I`m fine, too. And what`s your name?"
"My name is Princess Paris Hilton. And that`s my best friend Alin Nicole Richie."
I pointed with my finger to Alin Nicole`s nose.
He laughed out loud. "Hi! And my name is David Beckham."
"What? You are David Beckham? The famous player from Chelsea?" we screamed.
"Yes, I am."

Anmerkung der Lehrerin:
Very well done, few mistakes and nicely told!

Hach ja... ich wusste schon immer das ich`s voll raus hab! :D
20.2.07 19:58

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